Jupiter – The Biggest Planet Solar System is Melting

With this new data, the astronomers hope to explain further about the case of a strange planet was discovered outside the solar system recently.

“This is an important piece of the puzzle in understanding what is happening in the planetary core,” Jonathan Fortney – under the University of California Santa Cruz. Theory simulation of planet formation that, Stars rustic is the capital of a giant planet is composed of hydrogen and helium mainly by, surrounding a solid core containing heavier elements. Still, more and more evidence indicates that inside the gas giant Jupiter is a messy mixture of elements without strictly defined boundaries.

Jupiter March 26, 2005 Jupiter with the moon Io showing to the left of the planet. The Great
Red Spot is also showing. This image taken under fair seeing, but at fairly low altitude which
effected the steadiness of the planet during capture.

The researchers are working with the hypothesis that the planets are layered together, based on the calculation of Jupiter’s core environment because the actual conditions too difficult to reconstruct. Wilson and his colleagues used a computer program to simulate temperatures above 7,000 degrees Celsius and a pressure of roughly 40 million times Earth’s atmospheric pressure. These conditions are said to be below the actual conditions inside Jupiter’s core.However, scientists have discovered magnesium oxide – an important compound can be found in the cores of Jupiter will liquefy under the relatively tame conditions.

The air core component may have difficulty when it comes to the crust due to the double convection dispersion – a process that can be found in the oceans of the Earth. When the accumulation of salt in the bottom of the ocean, its density keeps it from mixing with layers. With similar cases, the heavy elements in Jupiter’s core would be difficult to have enough energy to move up and out.Scientists do not know how many problems will affect the process of change within Jupiter and the question is , “This process will look like” ?

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